Signature Builder

Signature Builder

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The DeLois Smith All Star Team is proud to offer our Signature Builder services. In collaboration with AAA Homes of Mississippi we are able to offer you the All Star Team standard in home building.

The All-Star Team aims to bring our clients “home...again and again” whether they’re buying, selling….or even building!

Sometimes that next home doesn’t exist yet, or already exists, but needs a major addition or remodel.  Our team of agents and staff can provide you with exclusive builder services delivered in All-Star Team style in coordination with our exclusive builder partner, AAA Homes of Mississippi. AAA Homes of Mississippi holds the highest credentials and has constructed hundreds of homes throughout the Pine Belt from starter homes, to signature estates.  Their portfolio is not only extensive, but their attention to servicing clients makes them an ideal partner for The All-Star Team.  So, if the “right” home for you isn’t out there, you might consider retaining our exclusive builder partners.  Our agents can arrange a private consultation to discuss a customized plan for meeting your needs.  From site selection, project cost estimation, and even designing your next home so that it maintains the best value potential in the future…we can help.  Often, you can be in your custom home quicker than you think!

Services available:

1) “Lock & Key” Pricing:  Customized construction at a set cost in one of the builder’s developments.  So long as a buyer can get final loan approval, our builder can retain construction financing to complete your home and close with you upon completion  

2) Cost-Plus Pricing: Custom construction with itemized budget and construction management by our builder and our agent-laison.  Usually this is idea for executive or estate residents that might be built on land already owned by the client, or on a lot selected by the client.

3) Remodels and Additions:  Maybe your home is in the best location, but a new master suite, guest house, or major addition would make all the difference for you lifestyle.  Our builder partner can handle that too!

4) Custom Home Plan & Design:  Although our builder partner has a collection of hundreds of homes from various sizes,  you may wish for custom designed services.  If desired, our Builder’ Partners’ building designer can be used to create a custom home designed for you and with you.

For more information please email us or call us at 601.545.3900

AAA Homes Featured Benefits

Hattiesburg’s Premiere Certified Green Builder

•2010 Preferred Builder—Lake View at Timberton

•2009 Hattiesburg Home Builder of the Year

•2009 Certified Green Professional by NAHB

•2009 Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition

•2008 Best in Mississippi by HBAM

•2008 Exclusive Builder at Chapel Hill

•2007 Certified Professional Builder by HBAM

•2005 Exclusive Builder at Pecan Lakes




Three Levels of Enviro-Green Friendly Homes

NAHB Green Certified

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