My title at work is a “Buyer Specialist.”  Sounds fancy, right? Everyone I’ve met has told me that this job would be such a good fit for me, so I had set myself up with very high expectations.  I buckled in, ready to take off.  During my first couple of months as an agent, I have encountered many different types of buyers.  I wanted to share some of my encounters with my buyers.  If I could compare it to something that would make it relatable, it would easily be relationships. 

So let me compare home buying to dating.  It’s the first date... you show up kind of nervous, not sure how things will go or if you will “click,” but you’re sure to try your hardest to make a good impression. Once the “date” is over, you go your separate ways and hope that you hear back from them, sooner rather than later.  Now, there are several ways that this relationship can carry out.

Let’s start with the non-committal relationship.  I’m still new in this business and I get excited when someone asks to see a home because, naturally, my innocence believes that they are serious home buyers and want to purchase today.  I received a call one Saturday to see a home forty minutes away from my house. What did I do? I threw my clothes on and went, of course! However, in the non-committal relationship, they just used me to get inside the house and never contacted me again.  So, in comparison, this would be the dating relationship that was used for a free dinner and then never replied to my request for a second date.  Maybe because we didn’t click, which is totally okay, or maybe it was because someone was never interested in purchasing a home anyway.  Who knows?

Now we have “The One That Got Away.”   I met one buyer while I was purchasing kitchen chairs for my home.  It was kind of a “love at first sight,” comparison.  She was super sweet and we seemed to have similar personalities before she even knew I was a realtor.  After seeing my email address, she made that connection and told me she happened to be looking for a home.  It was my first day on the job and I was galloping with excitement as I left the store, and not because I got an awesome deal on kitchen chairs.  We had excellent communication, similar interests, and we spent a whole day looking at homes together.  None of them seemed to fit all of her needs and wants, but I assured her that I would keep a look out for her.  A home hit the market on a Saturday night and it was PERFECT for her. I called her to let her know and we went to see it that next morning, basically in our PJ’s.  Her and her husband loved the home and told me to write up the offer (a REALLY good one, at that).  As they were standing outside of the home, praying over their decision, I was inside leaping and shouting through the house because this would have been my first sale.  However, later that night, I received a text saying that they just weren’t ready and wanted to post pone a couple of months.  Just like a relationship in “the one that got away” situation, it broke my heart and shattered my optimism.  It took me a little while to get my pep back in my step, but I have become hopeful that we might reunite in the future.

With my first couple of months as an agent, I’ve had both extremes of relationships.  With every client that I meet, I learn something new and continue to grow in my career.  Just like in relationships, you learn, grow and those memories help you be a better person in the future.  Now I have the pleasure of serving several clients that are serious buyers and sellers and I look forward to meeting many more! I am still buckled in, ready to take off in this career, but I’ve realized that everything is in Gods timing and I can’t wait to see what “relationships” he has in store for me in the future.