Here at The DeLois Smith All Star Team, REALTORS we have so much fun it should be illegal.  In fact, sometimes we think we should have a Reality Show.  Why not, they make them about everything else.  It could be called, “The Go All Star Team Show”.

A typical week starts out with our Monday morning team sales meetings where we discuss the events of the previous week’s activity and status of properties.  We talk about our company goals in comparison to previous years’ production, and our strengths and weaknesses, and assessing where we can make improvements.

We talk about our clients’ housing needs as well as lift people up in prayer who are experiencing challenges.  As you all know, tragedy strikes, life is hard, buyers can be unpredictable and sometimes they lack commitment.  Sometimes sellers are grief stricken and having to sell their homes. We need to LAUGH, because we carry the burdens of others into our lives.

Sometimes laughter is the very thing that gets us through.  In Proverbs it says, “A joyful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones”.  And making a difference in someone’s life lifts us up, especially in times like these.  Forgive us when we find those small things to carry on and laugh about.  Such as:

DeLois saying, “Oh My”, “Someone hit that house with an Ugly Stick”.  I say that jokingly because DeLois is the Matriarch of our team family, holding a high standard for professionalism and hard work, no matter how long it takes.  So, it was hilarious to hear that she said such a thing.


Linda’s story from Sunday’s Tour of Homes, where a 6 year old little girl was joined by three other younger girls with wide eyes, exclaiming to Linda that she better not go into that house. “A bad man had taken a lady down in the basement and held her there.”  The house didn’t even have a basement.  It was simply children’s make-believe.


Brenda stopping to share her Southern Hospitality with everyone she knows – Brenda knows someone everywhere we go.   She will make a call to someone for the first time and say, “HEY this is Brenda,” like she has known them all her life.  How does she do it?  She makes people fall in love with her every day.  It doesn’t matter if they are young or old, rich or poor, male or female.  Everybody loves Brenda!


Sharon, now she’s one ally you want on your side.  Sharon is always…always rooting for the underdog.  She looks to protect and mother everyone and everything.  If you are hurt, let Sharon put a band-aid on it.  She’ll fix you right up.


Scott,  our analyzer.  He figures everything out.  He wants to study it, be well informed about it, heck… become the expert about it.  He will find the best way to work it out where everybody will come out a “winner at the end”.  What a fantastic advocate to have working for you.  He makes sense of everything.


Adam, who is our optimistic leader, sets the pace for us all.  He is always growing with technology, pursuing knowledge, and maintains a keen sense of humility by acknowledging God in everything he does.  He is always light hearted and confident and will find something to laugh about even if he has to make a joke about himself.

On Tuesdays, the real fun begins.  This is our tour day where we get our first preview of new properties.  You should see us.  There are sometimes as many as 7 cars chasing around behind one another anywhere from Perry County to Columbia and from Collins to Lumberton.  We dedicate that day to our sellers.  What a resource to bring over 150 years of combined experience to collaborate about pricing, condition,

showmanship.  We start matching that property to our pool of buyers while we’re there.  We move furniture, pull weeds, open blinds, and discuss the best sales strategy for each individual property. It’s here, on tour, that many of our BEST listings; in a good location, in good condition, and priced right from the start, sell.  It’s not only a race to the next house on the tour list, but also a race to see who can sell that house first.

We always – always – cap off tour with a team luncheon at one of our favorite restaurants.  I love it when we end up in an outlying area and we get to experience the charms of an old mom and pop restaurant like The Round Table in Columbia.  We leave with a full belly and the mission that, “Nothing Happens until Somebody Sells Something”.

Wednesday through Friday is all about “stirring the pot”, as Adam calls it.  We work hard to make that something happen.  We spend Monday and Tuesday getting our resources and then Wednesday through Saturday sharing those resources with our Buyer Clients.  Sundays are set aside for the Lord and sometimes Tour of Homes.  REST…. I didn’t say Rest.  There is no such thing; ask DeLois? (Ha!)  Seriously, real estate affects everything.  It touches each of our lives and it makes money move within our economy.  I’m not a big economist, but even I know that.

So, let us bring our smiles and laughter into your lives, and let’s get that money moving.  May we all – our Sellers, Buyers, and our Team – expect great things to happen.


Psalm 16:11, “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.