I’d like to start off by introducing myself, as this is my first time writing for Star Chat. My name is Ben Williams and I’m the photographer here at DSAST.

A few months ago when I was asked to write an article for Star Chat, I was excited. However, when I got to typing that article I spent some time staring at the blinking text cursor wondering what I could convey to the reader. I considered talking about photography and different techniques I use on a shoot but after thought, “Nah, too techy” . I looked over some previous issues hoping to find some sort of direction, and finally found myself zoomed in on the term “All Star”. Most of us associate that term with some sort of sport, and a quick Google search will yield the same results along with our website if you’re local.

all-star - adjective -composed wholly of outstanding performers or players.

Bam! I don’t think a better term could’ve been used to describe the colleagues I work with. A combined 200+ years of experience in Real Estate, accompanied by another 50+ years of combined experience from our support team. Wow.

Our agents, client care coordinator, listing coordinator, closing coordinator, marketing director, stager and I put quality and customer service at the forefront of our day to day operations around the office and in the field.
What is an All Star