If you needed a doctor or a lawyer, wouldn’t you rather have someone who performs the duty on a daily and full-time basis or someone who has a patient or client every day? By choosing one of our team members to represent you, you can rest assured that you will not see one of us working at the mall or somewhere else in the afternoon. When we are not showing or listing property, we take classes to further our education, tour homes, and study the market to be on top of our game.
How does this benefit you? When helping a buyer, most of us check the hot sheet on the MLS throughout the day to know what is new to the market, pended, sold, or had a price reduction. That enables us to contact you immediately to notify you if it’s something you’ve been looking for. When I help a buyer, I treat them like family. I not only look at the current listing, I check the history to see how many times it’s been on the market, for how many days, and to see the price changes. If something has been on the market numerous times for lengthy days on the market, I am going to bring it to your attention because that is important to consider for resell purposes. No one buys a forever home these days, so the ability to resell is important. When a buyer calls to tell me what they need, I love being able to be ramble a list of other homes that may fit their needs if that home is no longer available. That comes from knowing the market and knowing what is available in various subdivisions. Personally, my strength is more in the Oak Grove market, but I know that my team mate Scott will be more fluent in the Petal market and will be able to help them if they desire that area. That is the beauty of not having to compete with your co-workers - each one of us has our individual strengths to assist everyone.
As a seller, it benefits you to have a full-time agent represent you because in most cases, your home will be your largest asset. You deserve to have someone who is committed to make sure your home makes the best first impression. Recently, I was the third agent to list a home after two unsuccessful attempts on the market. When I received the invitation to meet with them, as soon as I heard the address, I was able to tell her what I remembered about the home from showing it a year ago. I wasn’t trying to impress her, but there was something that stood out about the home that I remembered so vividly. After meeting with them and making a few suggestions to improve it, they worked hard all week and it transformed beautifully. The one thing they could not believe is that no one had ever told them they were paying too much in property taxes; it was not showing they had filed for homestead exemption status. Why didn’t the other two agents ever tell them this? Paying these extra property taxes for years was unnecessary and will need to be addressed when marketing the property so buyers know it’s not what they can expect to pay.
Good representation as a seller can also help you when it comes to contracts. Recently, one of the nicest guys around had asked me to visit with him about listing, but before we could finalize everything, another agent brought him a “one time listing agreement,” meaning he did not have representation. He didn’t realize that agreeing to “ALL” closing cost and prepaid items could be a costly mistake. The buyers’ agent and lender had decided to take advantage of that word and roll in a VA funding fee that is normally financed in. That caused the seller to be forced to pay over $9700.00, instead of what he thought was normal cost of around $4000.00. If he would have had me working for him, I would have had him cap that amount in the counter offer.
Mistakes happen to the best of us. My agent when moving here was the one and only Brenda Blackwell. I knew nothing about being a Realtor, or how the loyalty should work both ways. She was loyal to us by calling us in Texas, sending us listings, and carting us around when we looked at homes. In return, I purchased a home that was “for sale by owner,” and thought she would be so happy for us when I told her….goofy me! We didn’t realize until it came time to sell it that we had paid too much for the home after Katrina. Lesson learned, if I had let Brenda represent me, she could have shown us the comps to tell us that we were paying too much. I find it ironic that she would be my friend and co-worker today.
Please do not make these mistakes, call me or one of my team members for the best representation that anyone has to offer!