This Mississippi Summer has certainly turned up the heat, hasn't it? Seems like I recall some of my friends lamenting over being tired of Winter several months ago.  I assured them that they were guaranteed MUCH warmer days in Mississippi - some might argue a disproportionate share.  And now those warmer days are here in full force!  It's funny, because those same folks who didn't like the "cold" days are unhappy with the heat.  Perhaps the promise of Fall in a couple months will bring relief to their senses.  Of course, it's nice if we could spend our days in an eternal Spring or Fall, but I'm sure some of us would grow weary of that as well. Have you ever noticed how much we discuss the weather?  It's the go-to conversation piece because everyone experiences it, and everyone has an opinion on it.  

Real estate is a lot like the weather - it has seasons where it's hot, cold, mild, or warm (figuratively).  It's also a routine topic of conversation because, like weather, it impacts everyone.  And, like weather, everyone has an opinion on it!  In recent months and years, we've been fluctuating between a mild to warm market in the Greater Hattiesburg Area.  Some of my colleagues have referred to it as a "hot" market.  I tend to be a bit more conservative in that characterization, because I think it can send an incomplete picture of the market and perhaps is a bit reckless to say.  There are certainly pockets in the market where it might be considered "hot."  In general a "mild-to-warm" market environment has held true for most of this year in price ranges up to around $450,000 where things begin to "cool" off.  Continued low interest rates and low unemployment continue to influence the market overall.  Those influences appear to be sustainable for the coming months.  Your All-Star Team, REALTORS, is ready to help you understand which areas of the market might provide opportunities for you and your family based on recent trends.  If you're interested in scheduling a time to sit down with me or one of our team members in our West Hattiesburg or Petal office to discuss overall market trends and how they impact your real estate investment(s), please let me know.  You can contact me at to discuss arranging such an opportunity.  We are passionate about our role as educators on our market and welcome the opportunities to partner with our clients in meaningful ways regarding their real estate investments.  To borrow from my weather analogy, consider us your real estate "meteorologists."

I'll close with a brief report on my work as President of Mississippi REALTORS and some details of a recent visit I made to some of our members.  Most of you know that 2019 has included the opportunity to serve as the leader of Mississippi's largest trade association - nearly 6,500 REALTOR members strong.  November 11th will mark the end of my tenure in that role, but I can only say what an honor it has been to serve our industry in such a unique way this year.  I could not do it without the steady help of our team, and especially my number one fan and help-mate, Amelia, who works along side of me in the business on a 24/7 basis.  Because of their help and support, and the trust of many of you, the sales production that I have been responsible for this year has increased, even with the added responsibilities!  So for us, working under these pressures has actually enhanced our productivity on behalf of our clients!  We, and I especially, are so thankful for your trust day-in and day-out.  We are thankful to God for sustaining our business and providing new opportunities along the way.  We diligently aim to be good stewards of those opportunities. 

One of the great blessings of serving in this leadership role has been the opportunity to criss-cross our great state and learn from REALTORS and community members from the various communities that make Mississippi such a unique and special place to live.  Last week, I found myself in the Mississippi Delta visiting brokers, agents, and Boards of REALTORS' members in Cleveland, Clarksdale, and Greenville.  I was reminded of the rich cultural heritage - particularly to the arts and music - that this region of ours holds.  I drove through Merigold, where McCarty's Pottery is based, as well as worked in a visit to the Grammy Museum-Mississippi, located on the campus of Delta State University in Cleveland.  Incidentally, the Grammy Museum-Mississippi is one of only two such museums in the world, the other being in California, and is a testament to the comparatively large contributions that Mississippians have made in the world of music over the decades. Truly the Mississippi Delta is a Cultural Capital of sorts for our state and for our country.  I was so proud to be reminded of the hundreds of artists and musicians who have shaped the artistic development of our country - many of whom were born and raised within our borders.  I was also reminded of how proud I am to be a Mississippian! The best news is all of this is only a few hours drive away from Hattiesburg, and it's so affordable to visit!  Being reminded of how many wonderful places we have to see, and things we have to do within this great state, has been a highlight of this journey.  We should spend more time exploring our state and sharing the opportunities with our families and those who visit us.  I'd love to hear your stories or see your pictures of your explorations around our state!  Don't hesitate to share them with us!  And if you haven't learned by now, Mississippi is the Hospitality State, which means that whether you are native-born or transplant, we're all part of the family! 

May the next season we enter bring more opportunities for us all to explore, grow, serve, and learn.