ConGRADulations to all of our graduates...high school, college, grad school, and yes, pre-school! (We have a pre-school graduate in our home this year, as hard as that is to believe!) Summer fun is officially upon us as we “transition” from routine to the excitement that this time of year brings for many families. In thinking about this time of year, I’m struck by that word...”transition.” Most of our graduation exercises are referred to as “commencement” which means to begin or start. In that case, to begin something new. Simultaneous with that is the transition from one phase of life to another. Hence, summer is a huge transitioning time for many of us. From one school to another; one stage of life to another; one job to another; and one city to another, which of course results in transitioning from one home to another. I like that last one a lot since it’s what we get to do every day, as you would expect. So, for whatever transitions you encounter in this season of your life, even those hard transitions that aren’t a lot of fun, I pray that you are able to grasp onto the lessons and memories that can propel you forward.
In this issue of “Star Chat,” you’ll have the opportunity to read about our newest “Great American All-Star.” Linda Seifert made the suggestion in our 2014 planning meetings last November that we create a spotlight for individuals in our community who can and have inspired us. We loved the idea! So, be sure to read our second installment spotlighting Samantha Madden’s inspiring story of tragedy and triumph that began many years ago as God created in her a spirit of resilience and perseverance that was put to the test last August when an automobile accident left her paralyzed, resulted in multiple surgeries, and had her in the hospital and rehab for months. She graduated from Petal High School on May 22nd - on time, in spite of this set back. It’s the ultimate graduation story for this time of year, and one that inspires me on a daily basis since Samantha is also a member of my family. Her mother and my wife are first cousins. Our team followed her story and recovery as I shared with them in our prayer request time each Monday morning since the accident in August. As I was sharing with them her accomplishment as a “praise” in a recent prayer time, it became very clear who our newest GAAS should be, and it just goes to show that Great American All Stars come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, experiences, and ages!
We hope to see as many of you as possible at our annual July 4th event at Canebrake Clubhouse this July 4th! Our annual reunion with so many of you is something we look forward to each year. DeLois, Josh, Vickie, and the rest of the team are diligently planning this year’s event, and we do hope you’ll join us. For the first time in a decade, I will be absent from this year’s event, so let me take this opportunity to extend my thanks and greetings to you a month ahead of time. Our family will certainly miss seeing yours as we normally do, but the rest of the team will be there decked out in their best red, white, and blue! I mentioned earlier that we had a pre-school graduate in our home. Abigail begins Kindergarten at Petal Primary in August, and we are taking her and Hannah along with a passel of family members to the happiest place on earth: Walt Disney World. Abigail has never been, and she is so excited. I know you question what possessed us to go to that place at the hottest and busiest time of the year, but it was the only time that all of our family that wanted to go could be there together. We’re going to make the best of it, and we have a little princess who’s growing up so fast that there won’t be many more years left of the “princess magic.” So, off we go...and when we’re watching the fireworks on July 4th with The Mouse, we’ll certainly remember all of our friends in Hattiesburg!
In the midst of all this transition, your real estate team will not stop doing what we do: Bringing you home again...and again! We’re only a phone call, text, Facebook post, or click away!
To successful transitions...
Adam & Team