Wow! What a winter this has been – certainly one for the record books. Although, I have to admit I did enjoy the unusually cooler weather, it’s most likely because I knew it wouldn’t last for long.
There are hints of spring in the air and with the promise of warmer temps and longer days comes the anticipation of spring flowers, spring festivals, and, of course, spring cleaning – all of which I am looking forward to.
I love to garden, even if I’m not particularly good at it, there’s just something about getting my hands dirty that clears my head.
My mom has always particularly enjoyed the various festivals honoring everything from seafood to strawberries so we’ll likely be hitting the road soon to revel in this time-honored Southern tradition.
Probably my favorite tradition of all is spring cleaning. No really, I love it! Moving from closet to closet clearing out those pesky unused items that are just taking up space and organizing what’s left makes springtime the best time! Oh, the efficiency in the days after!
Another reason spring is such an exciting time for me; it is the start of the busiest season in real estate. Buyers seem to awaken from their winter’s nap ready for the new start promised by spring, and with the inventory of beautiful, spring-clean homes decked out in their dogwood blooms and azalea blossoms, they are surely not going to be disappointed. Be sure to join us on Sunday, March 2nd, for our Tour of Homes to see for yourself – Spring is in the air!