Folks home shopping spend hours studying the style, the floorplan, colors, storage, flow, location, price, etc. Only after they move in and get their first utility bills do they begin to think of “performance”. Chances are good if you are looking at homes built over 4 years ago that those homes do not include “high performance” technologies that make a home really perform for their owners.
AAA Homes of MS designed a “high performance” energy package named TechSmart. The combination of several new home technologies allow our owners to live in spacious homes for much less than they paid for utilities in an older, smaller home. The savings afford buyers the ability to get more house for the same dollars of total monthly outlay.
Our green TechSmart application has been tested by 3rd party HERS specialist and were found to save up to 50% on a home’s heating and cooling cost. In Hattiesburg there are families living in AAA Homes of 4,000 square feet averaging less than $180 per month to heat and cool their homes. Now that’s what I call “High Performance”!
A TechSmart home is healthy for your family. It uses Open Cell foam insulation and polyurethane sealants to make the home all but air tight, reducing daily foreign air infiltration from an average of 40% per day down to the 4% range. This not only keeps out the damp, humid air, but reduces the dust and pollens introduced to the home each day via small gaps around windows, doors, plug-ins, light switches and ceiling registers. Less pollen and dust means lower allergens in the home. Less dusting too!
This high tech energy package uses Digital Thermostats that allow you to program your water heater and HVAC system into semi-hibernation while you are asleep, at work or away to reduce energy demand. TechSmart uses a roof decking that lowers attic temps by 31 degrees and cuts demand on the cooling system by a whopping 17%. High efficiency HVAC systems compliment the tight building envelope that surround your living area.
Contact The DeLois Smith All Star Team, Realtors today to set up a TechSmart consultation for your next build. The only cost to you is the time it takes to learn how your home should be performing for you… every day and every night!!! For more info visit