Dear Friends,

     New Year’s Greetings! 2019 will lead us to begin a new era- ending the 2000 teen years right into the 2020s, a new decade of Change! Change! Change! AND new opportunities!

     According to a very recent Kiplinger Letter, we will soon see new jobs that barely exist now. Small commercial drones will soar to 500,000 by 2022. Drones will inspect buildings and pipelines, monitor farms for disease and crops, help police spot crime and help firefighters conduct search and rescue missions. Of course, we have been using drone photography for 2-3 years to better market certain properties.

     The satellite industry is expanding by leaps and bounds. New satellites will beam fast internet to hard to reach regions. Driverless cars will make progress in the next five years. By early 2020s, you will be able to buy a car that can drive itself for long intervals. Resulting jobs will be drone pilots and drone fleet managers, driverless vehicle repair, traffic monitors, and home-delivered groceries.

     Noting that Greater Hattiesburg is #1 in net job growth among metros in Mississippi, and Hattiesburg ranking in the Top 10 places to live on a six-figure salary (as per our local Area Development Partnership), we will be seeing more and more evidence of these new industries expanding into our area in the coming months.

     Our team average sale for 2018 was $258,000, about $100,000 above our local MLS average. We are grateful to have served clients at the very top of our residential market at $1.3 million for 2018 as well as all other price ranges.

      A big change is the new trend toward smaller homes. The soaring number of millennials who have been delayed by heavy education debt and the growing number of seniors who are served best by the 1600-1800 square foot size range has caused a severe shortage of available properties. By 2030, one in every five Americans will be over the age of 65. These special needs include:

  • Single floor living                                                                    
  • Extra-wide doorways and hallways                                   
  • Lever-style handles                                                                 
  • No step entryways                                                                  
  • Two main entrances- front & side
  • Low landscape
  • Accessible outlets and lights
  • Low cost energy

     A first-of-its-kind home adhering to the standards of “ageless design” was unveiled recently in Memphis, TN. The home is part of a ground-breaking effort by AARP Home Matters and Wells Fargo Housing Foundation, which challenged architects nationwide to create new standards in housing design that allows adults to stay in their homes throughout their lives.

     Hats off to the talented and skilled leaders of our area who have made Midtown happen. This past year has been encouraging, as we have watched this pivotal project unfold into the upscale creative venues serving USM students, faculty, guests, and our community at large.

     In early 2019, the attractively designed Regions Complex at Lamar and Lincoln Extension will be completed and 420 Regions employees and management will move from the downtown location to the new site. New creative design for a downtown condo development will begin where Regions is vacating.

     As the new year begins my 46th year as a Hattiesburg Realtor, I want to share with you how very much I love my role as a listing agent with The All-Star Team, Realtors. First, I love the support and working relationship with my positive, trained, talented, and focused teammates. Secondly, I love the rich life experiences of serving memorable, kind, and gracious clients. Several times this past month I was brought to tears by some of those very special clients. One such family came from out of state a day before their closing to insure that every detail was taken care of in regard to leaving the home in perfect condition for the new buyers. They brought their four young daughters and a tiny puppy dog to closing. Even though the sale represented a financial loss to them, they expressed sincere love and gratitude toward everyone involved.

     Another touching experience came with an estate sale in Glendale where a 90 year-old grandmother had lived until she passed recently. The neighbors had delighted in supporting the family and helping to care for the grandmother in order that she could remain in her home. Her daughter and granddaughter who had grown up there lived out of state. One special neighbor had done the maintenance of the home and lawn as well as helping the 90 year-old lady personally. As I drove away from this neatly kept “home sweet home” to the closing, I was grateful that we still have such wonderful neighborhoods where both black and white families live together safely, peacefully, and lovingly.

     Thank you again and again for your continual support and encouragement. Many of you have dropped by or received your new, user-friendly calendars in the mail. If somehow you have missed the 2019 calendars, please call our office at 601-545-3900 to request yours.

May you and your family be blessed with good health and a very happy New Year!

With much gratitude,

DeLois & Team