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5 Tips For A Lower Heating Bill


Keeping a home warm during the colder months of the year can prove to be expensive. With energy costs on the rise, many households are facing higher energy bills each year., which provides "Cost Guides" of estimates to common household remodeling projects, highlights five projects to help increase a home’s energy efficiency and keep utility bills lower. ( also provides cost estimates below of the projects listed.)

1. Find unorthodox heat sources. More efficient sources of heat are available, particularly if the home is in a milder climate or if the home can be broken into zones.

A heat pump can help lower your electric bills by 50 percent if you currently use electricity to heat your home. Heat pumps cost about $7,500, but will pay for themselves with reduced energy costs. Switching to a geothermal heat pump will save you even more. According to Money Crashers, geothermal heat pumps qualify for a tax credit equal to 30 percent of equipment and installation costs, with no upper limit. Pumps are also frequently paired with things like radiant heat flooring in specific areas of the home, as they are more effective at using energy than either baseboards or radiators and can help supplement the heat in smaller spaces.

Radiant heat costs between $6,000 and $14,000 if covering your whole home, but you can often install it in a single room for around $700. Paired with a heat pump, this will keep your home warm while significantly lowering your energy bills.

2. Add extra insulation. The amount of insulation that your home needs is directly tied to the type of heat source you have. Many homes are actually underinsulated for their climate and their heat source, resulting in their furnaces or radiators having to work harder than they need to and causing a spike in energy bills.

Insulating even a single room in your home can dramatically increase comfort and help you lower your thermostat, resulting in smaller bills. Adding insulation to your attic can also help you prevent costly and damaging ice dams as well, saving you even more. The cost to insulate a single room in your home is around $1,200 to $1,800, and will recoup about 107 percent of the cost at time of resale, making this one of the best improvements you can do for your home.

3. Take care of your furnace. Furnaces are one of the most commonly used ways to heat large homes. Unfortunately, they often have a wide range of efficiency that could be costing you more in monthly bills than they need to.

If your furnace is less than 10 years old, make sure to schedule regular maintenance to keep it running at peak efficiency. This involves changing the filter and making repairs as necessary. The most common furnace repair involves replacing the heat exchange, for around $1,000 to $1,700.

If your furnace is older than 10 years, replacing it can dramatically increase its efficiency. Older furnaces only run at around 50 percent efficiency, while newer models can reach rates of 90 percent, making them a much better choice for keeping monthly bills down. A new furnace costs around $3,000 to $5,000, but will pay for itself in lowered bills over time.

4. Make the switch to gas. If you’re currently heating your home with electricity or oil, you’re likely spending more each month than you would if you switched to natural gas. Gas furnaces are much more efficient than oil or electric heaters, which can save as much as 30 percent on energy bills each month.

The cost to install a new gas system in your home is around $6,000 to $8,000, assuming you have ducts already in place. This upgrade makes the most sense if your current heating system is over 10 years old, as you’ll see the largest gains. The typical ROI of a new gas furnace system is around 15 percent, which means that it will pay for itself in just 6 years.

5. Complete an energy audit. Your home may be losing a great deal of the energy you use to heat it, without you even realizing it. An energy audit—or a comprehensive look at how your home uses and loses energy—will help you find ways to make your home more efficient overall.

An energy audit costs about $150, and many times this cost will be rolled into any upgrades you may choose to make, allowing you to save more. Conducting an energy audit before you have any other work or upgrades done on your home can help you make better informed decisions about the space, maximizing your potential efficiency and savings.

Energy Tips for Proudly Frugal Homeowners


Real estate professionals looking to outsell their competition are turning to 3-D and virtual reality technology to help them win listings, connect with home buyers —and close sales.

Among the options is an all-in-one media solution from Matterport that enables agents and brokers to create dynamic 3-D house tours with embedded video and audio, immersive virtual reality walk-throughs, high-resolution photography for print advertising, traditional 2-D floor plans, teaser videos, and more, from a single shoot.

By combining traditional marketing techniques with sophisticated 3-D and virtual reality technology, Matterport has become an effective tool for real estate professionals at the top of their game.

Make sure if your paying a commission, your agent is spending some of it on marketing your home. 3D technology is only 1 tiny part of the multi-faceted marketing plan you'll get when you choose The All-Star Team, REALTORS to represent you in the sale of your home.

Opportunites are Abundant!

by DeLois Smith

A hearty welcome to refreshment of soul and spirit to the “normal” delights of fall! We need the diversions of invigorating new energy, cooler temperatures, bright nighttime skies, colorful autumn landscapes, high energy football games, Octoberfest, MAR, and NAR conventions for Realtors.

Our team has felt the pain personally as family members and close friends experienced painful losses in Texas and Florida in recent days. We are proud that our community is intensely involved- local power and utility companies, engineers, skilled craftsmen, churches, and numerous personal volunteers.

So, when challenges engulf us, where are the opportunities?  First, our need for spiritual anchoring and focus has never been greater. Dr. Bill Smith just reminded some of us sales and marketing professionals last week that personal growth starts with orderly routine which allows time for seizing the moments, causing lasting value every day and recognizing that each stage of life provides passing opportunities. It is probably evident to most of you that I have not “seized all the moments” along the way. I am happy to report to you that I will be sharing childhood stories and big moments with my “Ring” cousins from my dad’s family in Northeastern hills of Arkansas this weekend. I plan to include some Alma Mater highlights visiting the Arkansas State campus along the way.

Economic and professional opportunities are abundant, but harder to recognize when so many challenges divert our attention. Creative ideas and vision flow from a positive attitudes. Mississippi Power Solar Plant Opens in Hattiesburg was a recent very positive headline. Mayor Toby Barker stated, “It captures our character as the Hub City. We’ve become the hub of so many things – from medical to military to higher education to retail and culinary.”

Other current economic and professional Greater Hattiesburg points of pride include: #1 in job growth percentage in Mississippi among metros; Top 8 tax friendly cities for retirees; Top 2 of 5 best public high schools in Mississippi; and 1.7% increase in home sales from 2016-2017 year to date – actual numbers of sales are 1190 versus 1210 year-to-date according to our local MLS.

Incoming buyers, move-up and move-down buyers and first time buyers have great opportunities. Just this past week our team has had the privilege of experiencing all of these families. Actually,
I experienced all of these buyers in the open house in Shadow Ridge this past Sunday. I hosted a BIG family moving from Colorado to Oak Grove in a military move; a growing family selling in Midtown to move to a larger, more updated home; a more mature couple moving to a recreational center; and a young couple not yet married, but looking for their first home.

Our team is grateful for the opportunities you have provided with your generous referrals! Currently, we have good quality homes for sale in all price ranges. We are looking forward to an active fall market providing great choices for all of our buyers. Thank you again and again for your valuable support!!

Gratefully yours,

DeLois and Team

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Blessed to be Neighbors

by Adam Watkins

     Here we stand with 2/3rds of 2017 in our rear view mirrors, and what a year it has been so far!  Does anyone else feel like we've lived a decade in just 8 months?  From the inauguration of a new President in January on the national level, to the locally dramatic impacts of a huge tornado ripping through the cities of Hattiesburg and Petal the very next evening! Fast forward to August where we experienced the excitement of the first total solar eclipse in decades, witnessed over almost the entire continental United States, and then days later, the arrival of Hurricane Harvey to the Texas Gulf Coast.  The damage and torrential flooding from that storm is still not fully known at this writing.  It's been an exhausting year in many ways.  Our thoughts and prayers remain with so many who have been impacted by this storm.  

     It can be easy to become discouraged and angry if you spend too much time watching the news recount and opine on these events and hundreds of others that I will not take the time to detail.  Suffice it to say, there is a lot of turmoil in our world, in our country, and in our communities - both real and imagined - precipitated by the activities of nature and man.  Recently, Amelia and I made the decision to reduce our intake of the news media because we recognize that regardless of what is being reported in the media - both on television and online - that it's no where near the full story.  It often ignores the good that we can find all around us, and it leads us to a place where we are tempted to begin viewing our neighbors as our enemies as opposed to our friends. Good news and good people/neighbors are out there, mind you - I guarantee it!

     How do I know?  Because the simple goodness of people and their desire to serve others was on full display in January when thousands of volunteers flooded our Hub City to give us a helping hand after many had lost everything in January's tornado.  Our family worked alongside those coming to the aid of those in our community, and many of them camped out in our church's parking lot for weeks afterward.  They loved us and wanted to help.  Most of you have similar memories of those days 8 months ago, I'm sure.  It's often in these of times of utter devastation that we're shaken from our television sets and mobile devices, and we discover who our neighbors are and learn to love them in spite of differences (real or perceived) that may exist.

     Right now, thousands upon thousands of volunteers are on their way to the aid of millions impacted by the affects of Hurricane Harvey.  By the time you receive this issue of the Star Chat, most of you will have already heard testimonies of the work that is taking place there.  Some of you may be amongst that number of volunteers, and many of you will know volunteers who left with only a moment's notice to aid victims of this latest disaster.  It's uplifting to witness, and I encourage you to focus on and engage in those efforts.  It can help balance our perspectives and force us to look beyond our "screens and stereotypes," and into the lives and hearts of others.  What a novel idea.

     REALTORS will be a part of this effort as well!  The Mississippi REALTORS Disaster Relief Fund was established after Hurricane Katrina to provide aid to property owners who've experienced damage and displacement from their properties as a result of disasters such as this one.  Since 2005, it has distributed more than $4 million dollars in aid to those impacted by various disasters both in Mississippi and other states, including aid to victims of flooding in Louisiana last year.  No doubt, REALTORS from all over the country will engage with this current disaster in similar ways, as they always do!  REALTORS view ourselves as caretakers of communities, and we are both obligated and honored to put that belief into action!

     It's a good time to reflect on the relationships we have with our neighbors, and the silver lining of the opportunity to serve your fellow man in a time of need and witness and experience the good of others.  It's out there!  At the end of the day, we have been blessed to call the finest land on earth our home, and we at The All-Star Team, REALTORS, are so thankful to serve you as our neighbors.  May God bless you all...wherever you may be...and in whatever circumstance.  We are thankful for you!

Adam and Team

Labor of Love, laughter and sometimes purple hull peas

by Linda Seifert

     Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s in my parents’ home Labor Day had a whole different meaning.  Oh sure, it was the last hurrah before we went back to school but NEVER was it celebrated with a back yard barbecue or trip to the beach.  In fact, as I recall, every day was Labor Day as we all had assigned chores.  When I was 10 we moved from the Mississippi Gulf Coast back to the Pine Belt when my Dad took a job with the Pontiac Eastern Oil Refinery south of Hattiesburg.  Dad used his VA benefits to purchase a small 20 acre farm with a 3 bedroom, 1 bath home.  With additions and renovations over the years by my parents and later my brother and his family, the home grew to a sprawling 4 bedroom dwelling with 3 baths.  It was on this property that our many adventures toward adulthood took place.    

     Since my parents were raised on Farms it was second nature for them to have farm animals and a huge garden that not only stocked our pantry and freezer in the fall and winter but provided fresh produce during the summer.  There is nothing to compare with a good home-grown tomato sliced thick on two pieces of white bread and plenty of mayonnaise!

     Over the years my siblings and I had dairy and beef cattle as 4-H projects.  We liked working with the animals even though it could be a daunting task in the coldest of weather.  We were reminded however, it was our job so out we trudged to provide feed and hay to the patiently waiting bovines.  When the harvest was ready from the garden my Mother and Dad hauled in several large bushels of butterbeans and purple hull peas.  (They preferred gathering the vegetables as we kids weren’t as vigilant at the task).  ‘Waste not, want not’ was their motto and I guarantee you there was not one veggie that escaped their eagle eyes!  How I dreaded the labor of shelling butterbeans and purple hull peas by the thousands.  The only saving grace from the monotonous job was being allowed to watch a favorite television program from one of the 3…..count ‘em…. three channels!  Any grumbling by us was futile because our parents’ golden rule was ‘our children WILL work for food’!    

     Of course, we had plenty of free time to roam those 20 acres, play in the cold clear creek that ran freely through the backside of our property, climb trees and wander the wooded, hilly terrain with the carefree abandon of childhood.  Along with the fun though, we were expected to perform our duties, get along with each other and create as little chaos as possible.  If there was discord amongst us for whatever injustice one caused the other, then it was inevitable that we would be given the privilege of choosing our own switch from the giant peach tree in the back yard.  If we came back with a twig, then Mom would choose her own switch which was considerably sturdier with plenty of snap!  I can’t tell you how many times we thought about chopping down that peach tree!  Unlike George Washington and his admission of chopping down the cherry tree, we would have lied through our teeth!  (This would be yet another infraction for which we would have been soundly punished)!  Our Mother was long suffering with our occasional slips into non-conformity but when she reached the pinnacle of her patience, we were in trouble.  It was not unusual for the sake of time and argument to just line us up and administer the punishment to each of us for whatever crimes and misdemeanors had been accumulated over a period of days or weeks.  Being the oldest and holding rank for that honor, I was first in line.  I suffered through the indignity of being punished with a steely reserve and could not believe Mother had the audacity to punish me because of course, my siblings always deserved ‘it’ more than I did!  My brother was second oldest and next!  He was the bravest of the brave and was far too manly a boy to let girls see him cry.  By the time it was my sister’s turn she had screamed hysterically, run around the room several times and generally made enough noise to bring my Daddy to her rescue!  Come to think of it, I’m not sure she ever got switched much so she may have been the smartest of us all.  Her antics cost her little more than well-worn humiliation from time to time.  For those of you who may be thinking, ‘the poor darlings, wouldn’t a time out have worked just as well’?  You would get no argument from me!  However, I can testify from first-hand experience, if we were told more than once to do something and did not respond favorably, action really does speak louder than words! 

     My brother, sister and I had loving, hard working parents that provided all the necessities of life for which we are most appreciative!  They nurtured us, taught us the value of a day’s work and that labor was indeed a part of the process of growing into productive adults.  Whatever connotation you place on Labor Day, celebrate at work or play with those you love as the memories you make will be woven into your hearts forever.

Live and love well!

Reaching Milestones

by Brenda Blackwell

August was my birthday month!  Well my birthday is definitely not sneaking up on me this year!  My first birthday present came back in May when I received the most patriotic Red, White and Blue Medicare card! And since then I am being reminded almost daily with calls and letters to help me with the all the decisions that come with applying for Medicare and Supplements.  Thank goodness I have a husband who, after turning 65 last year, has become the Medicare “guru” and attacks this challenge like he would a mathematical equation!

I must say that reaching this milestone in life is something that makes me truly thankful.  I think that anyone who has survived the “Big C” is truly grateful for each and every birthday thereafter.  I choose to stay positive and laugh at most situations that others find overwhelming.  For that reason, I decided to read some of the humorous blogs and jokes written by Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) and share my favorites.  I found the following quote, written by Kurt Vonnegut an American author, extremely amusing since I have just returned from a “mini” high school reunion.   He states, “True terror is to wake up one morning and discover your high school class is running the country!”  That is a scary thought since I am sure we can all identify some of the “crazies” we grew up with!  This quote did make me laugh, but in actuality the approximately 800 students in my Class of 70 at Robert E. Lee High School in Houston, Texas had some incredible students who I believe would be excellent at running our country or anything else for that matter.  Go Generals!

Another one that I can certainly identify with is…”At 65 you can go to the antique shop and visit your old furniture.”   I took a realistic look at my décor and decided that my daughters are probably right…my house looks like a museum!  I can’t help but think of that cartoon that shows  an old man opening up his garage doors to a garage stuffed to the hilt with junk (oops, excuse me…his precious belongings ) and he turns to his son and says, “Just think…one day all of this will be yours!”  That one really hit home because Michael and I are trying our best to clean out and it is so hard deciding what to keep and what to throw away.  I’m pretty sure…we can throw it all away!

As a young child I can still remember my grandmother going into a room and saying…”I can’t remember what I came in here for!”  Well I have been doing the same thing for years now.  I cracked up when I read this quote that expresses the same thought.  “These days I spend a lot of time thinking about the hereafter.  I go somewhere to get something…then I wonder what I’m hereafter.”

Here’s one last one…”Why do they give you a watch when you retire when it’s the first time in your life you don’t care what time it is?”  Well, I’m not quite ready to retire yet but my goal is to slow it down and watch others (especially my grandchildren) reach their milestones.  My little Kelly, who just turned 18 months, is finally walking!  I have never known a baby to wait that long to walk!  But she would have won the gold in the Olympics if they had an event for “speed crawling” or “walking on your knees.”   And precious Tanner will be entering Kindergarten this year.  He reads like a top and can tell you about every animal at the Hattiesburg Zoo. By the way, The Hattiesburg Zoo is truly one of Hattiesburg’s treasures!   He collects animal figurines and I’m amazed how he can log on to Amazon and put the animals he is missing in the cart.  Right now he is collecting his “work” quarters for an African Wild dog and a Pangolin.  I don’t even know what a Pangolin is but I am learning!

Another milestone, that all of us here at the “All-Star Team” have just celebrated, is reaching the $10,000,000 mark in production for the month of June!  How awesome is that?  We are truly grateful for all of you and your support!

Have a wonderful rest of the year and be thankful wrinkles don’t hurt!


Make it a red, white, & blue summer!

by Adam Watkins

      I'm not sure about you and your family, but May is a month filled with so many tremendous annual milestones for our team and our families.  From birthdays, to weddings, anniversaries, and graduations, it's hard to believe that so much can occur inside of 31 days.  DeLois celebrated another birthday on the same day that Amelia and I marked an anniversary.  One of our dedicated team members, Lauren Lott, completed her undergrad degree in education at the University of Southern Mississippi (congrats, Lauren!); and DeLois' grandson, Robert, celebrated nuptials as well as his new bride's graduation in a single event they termed a "graduwedding."  They simply killed two birds with one stone! How's that for efficiency?  Anyone who knows Robert is not surprised by this creativity!  Perhaps he learned some of that from his grandmother?

      For me, May also included an annual pilgrimage to Washington, D.C., on behalf of the Mississippi REALTORS.  Many of you are aware of the additional work that the team allows me the opportunity to do in service to REALTORS and the real estate industry on the local, state, and national levels.  This journey of service is one that began in 2005 with my first serious efforts in association work on the local level, and it continues to this day in various capacities within our local, state, and national associations.  One of the most impactful efforts REALTORS make is our annual visit to the office of every Congressman/woman and Senator each May in D.C.  During our meetings we discuss the impacts of policy proposals and regulatory changes on the real estate industry and property owners in general.  This year, we focused on maintaining the availability of affordable flood insurance, protecting the tax advantages of owning a home, and preserving the integrity and liquidity of the secondary mortgage market through FannieMae and FreddieMac. Since housing and real estate comprises such a large percentage of the nation's economy, the overarching message to lawmakers was, "Do no harm to housing!"  As the nation's largest trade association, as well as the single entity dedicated to advocating on behalf of property owners, the message was delivered loud and clear once more as nearly 10,000 REALTORS filed into the Senate and House office buildings over the week of May 14 - 20. The effort continues on a daily basis through our Governmental Affairs teams at all levels of government.  The neat thing is, anyone can join our party - even you!  We call it the REALTOR Party because there is no political party affiliation - only the desire to support candidates who support and protect housing and property ownership rights.  I've included a few photos of events throughout the week, including meetings with Senators Cochran and Wicker as well as Congressman Palazzo.

      As you can see, being a REALTOR is far more than marketing and managing the sales of property.  On a larger level, it's becoming a caretaker of the American Dream and property ownership rights for millions of property owners nationwide. It's a role that we are honored to serve and proudly fill, and an opportunity to contribute to a high and worthy purpose.

      Speaking of American Dreams...let us not forget that if it weren't for the divinely inspired efforts of some very brave men and women some 241 years ago, the freedom of property ownership as we know it would not  exist.  It's part of the reason our team sets aside each July 4th to celebrate the birth of our country with all of our friends and past clients. This July 4th will be no different!  Go ahead and mark your calendars for our annual July 4th festivites being hosted at Canebrake Clubhouse between 11:00 and 1:00.  We invite each of you to RSVP and join us (more event info to follow in coming days).  The program is changing this year to feature the performance of  "Victory Belles" of the National WWII Museum in New Orleans.  We're excited to have secured them as special guests.  You won't want to miss it!

      As we stand on the precipice of Summer 2017, I can't help but be a little excited about the possibilities and celebrations of the season.  Our team stands ready to become part of those with you whether it be the purchase of sale of a new piece of property or simply joining together at our annual July 4th reunion.  Regardless, we are here and we are ready to deliver the power of a team to you and those you care about!

Make it a red, white, and blue summer!

Adam & Team

Father Figures

by Alisa Sewell, Buyer Specialist

     Human nature causes us to have a tendency to reflect on our lives and on the people who have impacted us in a positive way.  In the month of June, we honor fathers for the crucial role that they play in shaping their families. For many people, however, fathers are absent in the home, and other people step up to fill that role.  As I celebrate Father’s Day this year, it is not hard for me to remember the three important men who have encouraged, supported, and loved me unconditionally throughout my life:  Terry, Pete, and Ken.

     There was a picture of me as a preschooler standing next to a newlywed couple on the steps of a church.  I was supposed to be with my mom decorating the newlyweds’ car, but somehow I was drawn to the excitement happening in the front of the church.  The bride was my mother’s sister, Trish, and the groom was Terry, who became my uncle that day.  Early on, I felt compelled to hang out with him.  I loved to watch him work on cars, and he could fix most anything.  When I went off to college, he promised to look after my mother, who was recently divorced.  He kept my Volkswagon Beetle running, even putting new tires on it when I could not afford to purchase them.  When I asked how I could repay him, Terry assured me that making good grades in college was sufficient.  When I bought my first car after college, he was the one who helped me with my decision and negotiated with the car salesman.  Since Uncle Terry had kept my VW Beetle running all of those years, it was an easy decision to give him the car.  Being a great listener, Terry helped to fill a void in my life.  Whenever I was having troubles, he was sympathetic and encouraging.  He shared his personal stories helping me to view things from a male’s perspective.  When my big day came to walk down the aisle, I asked Uncle Terry to do me the honor of giving me away.  I cherish the fact that he filled in the gaps throughout my childhood and treated me like the daughter he never had.

     Another important man in my life was Pete, my father-in-law.  I began dating his son my junior year of high school.  Pete was a fun-loving person who always had a great story to tell.  He traveled extensively with his job as a furniture representative for the state of Georgia.  He never met a stranger and could relate to every person he encountered.  He was generous to a fault.  When I was driving back to college one weekend, he asked if I had any money.  He was not trying to embarrass me, but he was aware of my family’s tight financial situation.  He gave me twenty dollars with the stipulation that I did not have to pay it back if I ever had to use it, which is not standard procedure when a person receives a loan.  Of course, I used the money at some point, but, when I had a summer job, I stuck a twenty dollar bill in his shirt pocket while his hands were in a sink of dishes because I knew he would protest.  Possessing a sensitive side, Pete was the one to cry as his son drove off for college as a freshman, and he was the only one of our parents who shed a tear at our wedding.  Pete loved to laugh and to make others laugh.  He would never admit it, but he was the culprit who hired the entertainment who interrupted our wedding rehearsal dinner.  It was a PG-rated performance since the minister and his wife were in attendance.  The minister later was heard saying that he had never had more fun at a wedding rehearsal.  Pete loved his family dearly and showed it with his many acts of kindness.  His five grandchildren were the apple of his eye.  I cherish all of the fond memories that I have of him, and his legacy lives on in the hearts of his family and friends.

     It is hard to put into words how much this last man has impacted my life.  My husband, Ken, has been my biggest role model of unconditional love and support.  He possesses so many great qualities that won my heart in adolescence.  Ken and I attended school together from third grade through college.  When we began dating in high school, we discovered that Ken’s family had lived in the same neighborhood as my Uncle Terry and Aunt Trish when he was younger.  We vaguely remembered playing together in the neighborhood when I would visit my uncle and aunt.  It seemed our paths had crossed sooner than elementary school, and we were meant to share our lives.  Ken and I will celebrate twenty-seven years of marriage in July, and we are blessed to have our three children.  From changing diapers to teaching life-long skills, Ken has been a devoted father who has always been involved in all aspects of raising our children.  He has been faithful to be present at games, dance recitals, school programs, emergency room visits, but also he has made himself available when our children have needed him, such as speaking words of comfort and truth to mend our daughter’s first broken heart to accompanying our son out of state for his first job interview.  Ken has encouraged our children to follow their dreams and has instilled in them a strong work ethic by his example.  Following the role model set by his father, Ken loves his family dearly, possesses a great sense of humor, and believes the best of others. 

     I cannot imagine how my life would have been altered had I not had these three individuals in my life.  I am forever grateful for their positive influence.  I wish a Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers and father figures who have made a difference in the lives of their families and of others.

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