January brought not only a new year but a new trip for the All Star Team! We were blessed to reach our team goal in 2013 and were rewarded with a week long Western Caribbean cruise. Our stops were Falmouth, Jamaica, George Town, Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. Many of us were able to go and share our trip with family and friends while a few of us stayed behind to ‘mind the store’ and brave the cold weather.

My traveling companion this year was my oldest friend, Judy Stechmann who lives in Mobile, Alabama. Judy and I went to high school together and bonded with our mutual credo of ‘laughter being the best medicine’.

Over the years we’ve shared our lives, watched our children grow and seen them have families of their own. In our ‘mature’ years we find ourselves not only reminiscing about our youthful adventures but, when possible, adding a few new adventures to the history book! It was Judy’s first cruise, my third and we had a blast! My co- workers and fellow cruisers all threw themselves into soaking up as much fun and sun as possible and whenever we could we shared a meal and some relaxing times together.

Many years ago my husband labeled me ‘a professional shopper’ and this cruise offered ample opportunity to shop ‘til you drop! I’ve never seen so much jewelry in my life! In fact it was almost overkill to the tune of a self imposed ban on shopping until next Christmas! However, upon returning home, my resolve had vanished in a week! Oh...... the trying times of being a shopaholic! :-)

It’s now back to the business of helping home buyers and sellers make their dreams come true. This is a job I love and I look forward to helping many of you with your next real estate transaction!

Live and love well!