Millennials – I’m a millennial. What comes to mind when you think of us? The lazy generation? The generation drowning in debt (thanks to college)?  The generation filled with indecisiveness and instability? The list goes on and on. All can be deemed true, to an extent. Within the housing market, experts say that millennials are ruining the market because they aren’t buying. But the question that I would like to pose is - why are millennials not buying? And how can we push, or encourage, millennials to buy?

 To be quite honest, I never thought of owning a house until I reach my 30s. I have a Pinterest board strictly dedicated to how I envision my ideal dream house – all white kitchen with marble floors, located somewhere in Tennessee with a beautiful garden and ranch – basically an Oprah-inspired estate. I believe this is the mindset of most millennials. We want our dream home and it cannot be anything simple. In order for us to consider purchasing a home, it has to meet our qualifications. I guess you can say the “dream” is the ultimate goal. You know– the dream career, the dream car, and the dream house. Which is fine. However, working at a real estate office, fresh out of college, gives you a more realistic perspective on how the housing market works.  Who’s buying? What are they buying and where? How much can a person really afford? There’s a long list of questions and at times it can seem overwhelming, especially to someone who is just starting their career. I believe the housing market is a topic that is rarely discussed. My suggestion would be to start the discussion at an early age. Here are a few statistics to get the discussion started.

According to 2015 US Census, millennials (born between the years of 1980 – 2000) are made up 78.9 million people. They are now considered the largest living generation in the United States. Which means there are plenty of first time home buyers within this age group. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a bright outlook of the housing market for millennial buyers. It is so important for them to- 1) be prepared and 2) be informed. Please share consider sharing this information with someone who is contemplating buying a home – family members, church members, friends, neighbors and colleagues.