Have you ever felt stuck in life, where you remained stagnate in your progress? Have you ever considered your emotional fitness, where your ability to handle obstacles or conflict was hindered? Have you ever felt like you gravitated toward criticism and frustration? Have you ever doubted hope for your future? I have…
Before I joined The DeLois Smith All-Star Team, I could very much relate to the above statements. If you can relate, I implore you to plug in to a source of inspiration and put yourself in an environment where you can be inspired.
There are external environments that inspire me, such as the awe of nature or watching a movie that has a plot of an improbable comeback, like “Rocky”. But I have found an environment that nourishes me with such qualities of determination, devotion, a strong resolute and passion. I have witnessed the raw character of DeLois that will not allow her to quit. Just as Winston Churchill stated, “Never, Never, Never Quit!” this is the attitude in which we are led here at The DeLois Smith All-Star Team.

7 Internal Character Qualities That Inspire:

1- To be Resolute (Whatever it takes attitude)
2- Be Determined (Don’t ever Quit)
3- Be Devoted (All in at All times)
4- Be Charismatic (The ability to connect and build relationships)
5- Be Patient (Things go quickly, if you slow down sometimes)
6- Be Passionate (Enthusiastic)
7- Be Loving (Give Love Away)

Here within The DeLois Smith All Star Team, I have found sources of inspiration that expose me to bravery, wisdom, role models, examples I can identify with, help with establishing my own personal and professional goals, and mostly, I have learned to embrace my own story and draw strength and courage from that which I came.
It is my hope that all could benefit from an inspired life that creates a zest and in which each day is meaningful, giving you hope and energy for the challenges that lie ahead. A life inspired lays the foundation for happiness and makes you a person of great resilience and resolve. Rise above it, whatever it may be.
Dedicated to Linda Seifert, my example of strength and dignity