Shortage of good housing inventory for today’s home buyers versus the challenge for home builders to builder affordable replacement inventory was the theme of last Thursday’s Hattiesburg Area Association of Realtors/Greater Hattiesburg Home Builders Association Spring Program featuring a panel of, including our own, Adam Watkins - incoming President-Elect for the Mississippi Association of Realtors, David Saulters - President-Elect for Mississippi Home Builders Association, and Mark Wise - MAR Vice President of Government Relations.

Challenges Discussed –

  1. Shortage of available lots in home buyer preferred location
  2. Recent cost increases in building supplies and labor shortage
  3. Appraisals not keeping pace with building costs
  4. Millennials having big student loan debt

2018 homes closed year-to-date as per local MLS is 709 versus 752 sold on this date in 2017. That is a -6 percent drop at the same period we have a 9 percent increase in active real estate member of Hattiesburg Area Association of Realtors.

The good news for you who are currently or have been seller clients is that our team has the beat the average by 34 percent over the past year for percentage of homes listed and closed and we have beat our closest competitor by 15 percent.

**Printed in Star Chat June 2018 Edition. Stats as of May 25, 2018.