Bob and Helen Clunie have honored us by serving as our 2014 Third Quarter Great American All Stars! Recently, Brenda Blackwell and Linda Seifert had a delightful dinner with them at Purple Parrot Café. The Team came to know our All Star couple when Brenda had the pleasure of representing them in the buying and selling of their home in The Trace and the purchase of their current home.
The Clunies are a wonderful pair that met 20 years ago while each was attending grief counseling having lost their respective spouses. They have led full interesting lives on their own. Bob started an insurance career in 1949 and once handled national dealer enterprise accounts for Chrysler and American Motors Corporations. Helen had a 28 year teaching career and in more recent years has been heavily involved in genealogy research.
These two lovely people amaze us with their energy, descriptive stories of their past and plans for their future. They are devoted to each other and to their families as well as others in the community. In their retirement they have been active supporters of The University of Southern Mississippi having served on the Inner Tribal Committee promoting student recruitment from the Choctaw Nation. Helen has a Cherokee Indian heritage and this is a committee the couple sees as a valuable tool in seeking deserving students for scholarship programs at USM. In addition to their community interests, they look for forums to increase their personal growth such as auditing a history course from the late Dr. Milton Wheeler, a beloved and renowned Professor at the University of William Carey.
Thank you, Bob and Helen, for setting an example of how to live happily and productively into our senior years. We know that you will always engage, encourage and endear yourselves to all whom you encounter.