What a record year we are heading towards in this market.  The interest rates are moving up, so if you are waiting for a better deal, please do not hesitate much longer.  My sweet couple buying their first home this month was sad to see their payments had gone up by $150.00 per month since the rates were in the 3% range when we initially started looking for homes.  

With that record year, come more great clients.  I appreciate every one of the people that I have helped.  I learn something from each person and with each transaction.  Most of my clients end up being friends, staying in my cell phone as contacts.  I love the random text that I receive from them wishing me well or needing help with something.  Having someone call me as a referral from a past client is equivalent to receiving a trophy at the end of the game - you know you did something right to receive the honor.  

Speaking of doing something right….If you want to invest in real estate, it’s a great time to consider that.  I have a few investors that I represent and some will make a very handsome profit from rehabilitating (flipping) investment and estate properties this year.  Sure, it’s getting more competitive, but if you have someone knowledgeable about the market watching for you, the possibilities are awesome.   It’s all about timing, location, condition, and price.  Personally, I love seeing the before and after projects.  So, if you are ready to dabble or do it full time, call me for a meeting to discuss the details.  Let’s sell something together!

I want to close by giving thanks to our staff.  We have the very best staff working behind the scenes to make us look awesome.   It’s a true definition of teamwork that clients should be proud to have representing them.  We could not be as successful as we are without each of them:  Ben, Josh, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Hulene, and Andrew.  In addition, we have the best and probably the only Stager in town Vickie, who does amazing transformations on our listings.  All of them are amazing individuals and a lot of fun to work with.  

Enjoy the rest of your summer and have a great school year!