Hard to believe there is a Kindergartener in the Watkins household!!! Yes, indeed! Miss Abigail donned her little uniform and excitedly started her first day of school on August 8th. She handled it better than Daddy did for sure. The excitement lasted until the following Wednesday, when her enthusiasm had waned a bit. Amelia came home and told me that Abigail told her that, “School was entirely too long, Mommy.” Poor girl. We have a few more “long days” before we will have completed this little journey (at least 13 years worth if you count Kindergarten). You know, everyone says, “they grow up too fast” and “time flies.” And, guess what? Everyone is right! I hope you’ll enjoy these photos we’ve included of our oldest on her first day of school, and we tried to hold time still for a few moments. Her little sister is nipping at her heels and will give preschool a try this next week!
It’s that busy time of year that we write about each year. When families’ schedules are filled with activity - school, practice schedules, dance and piano lessons. It’s a time of transition and new beginnings - exciting in many ways and exhausting as well. What does that mean for the real estate market? Well, in general we typically see a falling off of activity for a 2- to 4-week period following the start of school and then watch things pick up after Labor Day. To some degree, that has held true this year, but we did have one of our busiest weeks for showings that we’ve recorded this year on the 3rd week of August, which was a refreshing surprise. It also shows some evidence of the lack of predictability of market activity that has become the norm over the last 5 to 8 years.
Presently, your real estate team is working diligently to round out the final third of 2014 focusing on our four “E’s”: Energy, Edge, Excellence, and Execution. We adopted these focus words as a battle cry of sorts in the beginning of the year. We have some goals set, and each of us are working to achieve them on behalf of our clients and for our professional development. For instance, we’re making final arrangements for our team’s annual education pilgrimage to the National Association of REALTORS annual convention the first part of November. This year we’ll be training in our back yard as we travel to New Orleans for classes. We always look forward to staying on the cutting edge as professionals and advisors for our clients and friends, and this event helps us do that.
But between now and November, we have a lot of homes and property that we need to sell. We’ve recently listed (or expect to be listing) several new construction properties ranging from the $130’s to the mid $300’s that are available for buyers and will be featured in our September Tour of Homes. We’re also eagerly searching for homes and properties to sell! The summer market activity has reduced our standing inventory, so we’re anxious to bring new inventory to the market. If you’re ready, give us a call soon to take advantage of buyers making moves in advance of the holiday season. Keep in mind that getting a home ready for the market (staging, de-cluttering, etc.) can take a little extra time, but we specialize in streamlining that process and reducing overall market time.
We’re always thankful and honored to serve you and those you care about! Here’s to a wonderful new school year and new beginnings!

Adam & Team