If you suspect you have significant foundation problems such as doors sticking and cracks in your interior and exterior walls; I recommend that you hire a structural engineer to survey your foundation before you contract with a foundation company to make repairs. 1. As an independent and unbiased expert, a signed report from a structural engineer will ensure that you get an honest appraisal of the current condition of your foundation, as well as, a specific plan of action should work be needed. This could save you thousands of dollars! 2. Foundation companies are paid on the basis of the number of piers they install. The more piers they install, the more money they make. If your home needs foundation work, the report you receive from an independent structural engineer will outline exactly the number of piers your home needs. Also, the report will indicate exactly where the piers need to be placed! 3. Depending upon your conditions, certain types of piers perform better than others. Most foundation companies specialize in the installation of a particular type of pier. That pier system may not be right for the needs of your foundation repair. An engineer can determine the type of pier that will work best for your circumstances. Need help? Call me! I will be happy to give you my layman’s opinion. I am not an engineer; however, I work with some of the best engineers and foundation companies and will be glad to make a recommendation.