It’s important to me to be a good neighbor! Not only because I like to practice the “Golden Rule”, but it’s simply the way one should conduct themselves. It is also important to note that that Being A Good Neighbor is the way the DeLois Smith All Star Team “Rolls”. At least we try to always be a good neighbor to our 1000’s of satisfied clients and friends!
A good neighbor might be characterized as someone who’ll look after your home when you’re out of town by picking up your mail and watering your plants. You’d most likely reciprocate for anyone who’d be so generous toward you.
If you’re like most folks, you would consider yourself lucky if you were able to name one of your neighbors who would step up to that level of reciprocal service. Wouldn’t it be nice if more people on your street would be happy to make that offer?
The solution may just start with first being a better neighbor yourself. The following suggestions go a long way to improving your neighborhood and making new friends at the same time.
1. Take the time, go out of your way to meet your neighbors and exchange phone numbers and email addresses. Agree with each other that you’ll let them know if you see something strange going on at their home or in the neighborhood.
2. Slow down when driving through the neighborhood; it will make it safer and everyone will notice and appreciate your efforts. Such actions are contagious.
3. Control your dog; keep it on a leash and pick up after it. Please don’t let it bark too much. Dogs are a problem in my own neighborhood, and Lamar County in particular where homeowner’s love to let their dogs roam free. If you live in a subdivision without specific covenants regarding pets, this can be problematic. It’s often vexing, even if the neighborhood covenants exist!
4. Don’t park your vehicles in front of your neighbor’s home, and instruct your guests to do the same. However, if you are having a get together at your home, call your neighbor(s) explaining your situation, and all will be good. If you don’t know your neighbors, this will provide you an excellent opportunity to meet!
5. Notify your immediate neighbors when you’re having remodeling done, so that your contractors won’t create suspicion as to what’s going on at your house. Also, ask them to contact you if any damage is caused to their property.
6. Maintain your home and yard. Contribute positively to the beauty of your neighborhood.
7. Put your garbage out for collection on the correct day and bring the containers back in promptly.
It’s all about the Golden Rule and fairly obvious. Be friendly, don’t be noisy, offer a helping hand, and respect each other’s boundaries. You already have a sense of community, knowing you all share the same neighborhood. Let this underlying principal guide your behavior!