I am finding it terribly hard to wrap my mind around the fact that 2/3rds of 2016 is now in our rear view mirror! Fall is upon us which means back to school and football.  Whether it be high school, college or professional - Americans relish the opportunity to gather around and watch their favorite teams compete in a weekly cycle of team sport that will fill our weeks all the way until next February!  It's also a good reminder of the power of a team when they're working together and leaving their best on the field each week.  It takes each player putting their heart and soul into playing their position in order to get the win.  It also requires teams to recruit new talent and bring them into the team over time.  Beyond just the players on the field stand coaches, trainers, and support personnel working behind the scenes to create a truly dynamic team. 

I'm quickly reminded of our real estate team.  We function differently than our competitors because we decided nearly two decades ago that our ability to serve our friends and clients was increased when we relied on the strength of many instead of only one or two.  There have been countless times that I will share with a potential client or past client, "When you hire one of us, you hire all of us."   As I was thinking about who the "us" is in our team, I was quickly reminded of the unique attributes that make each member special - not simply what they do, but elements of who they are.  We couldn't do the work we do without each one of them.  So, I'd like to share with each of you the names of the members of our team, their role on our team, and a few descriptive attributes that I believe bring true value to our clients and our team as we work together to provide the best possible service to those who choose us to represent them as they purchase, sell, and invest in property. In no particular order, (but the first 3 are our newest Buyer's Specialists):

Alisa Sewell, Buyer Specialist. Steady, diligent, works ahead of schedule, prompt, and trustworthy.  Alisa is a dedicated mom and was a teacher prior to entering real estate.

Rebecca Bryant, Buyer Specialist. Unafraid, focused, available, seeks to truly understand, and a direct communicator.  Rebecca is also mom and a pilot!

Lauren Pace, Buyer Specialist.  Cheerleader, vibrant, approachable, concerned about making a genuine connection with clients, and social media expert. Lauren's son, Noah, is a social media rock star!

Debra Pace, REALTOR.  Team player, selfless, encouraging, always willing to fight for the underdog, and keeps us grounded.  Debra spends countless hours in community service and will serve on our associations Board of Director's next year.

Dana Quesenberry, Listing Manager.  Incredibly smart, dedicated, loyal, willing to stay up late to get the job done and strives for the best possible answer to our market value questions. Dana's so efficient and dedicated that she works from the Coast part time, plus she has the best laugh!

Jennifer Upton, Marketing Director.  Superb multi-tasker, creative, quick at critical thinking and analysis and believes in our team concept and how it benefits our clients.  Jennifer also has a wicked sense of humor and knows how to create a laugh no matter the circumstance.

Scott Holmes, REALTOR.  Dedicated, detailed, problem-solver with an engineers mind and a father's heart. Scott is also involved with our local association of REALTORS (he'll be president in 2018.) He's great at technology and never fails to find ways to remind us of how great his hair looks!

Brenda Blackwell, Buyer Specialist. Charming, magnetic, disarming, positive, inquisitive, who makes everyday an adventure and is always looking for the opportunity to go somewhere new. She's unbelievably smart and humble at the same time.  She's sort of a rule breaker too - but only if the rules she's breaking don't really matter. Linda Seifert, Buyer Specialist.  Diplomat, wordsmith, and guru on style and appropriateness and manners.  She is intensely loyal and trustworthy.  Her knowledge and history of our market is extensive. She's not scared to join a party or start one if the mood strikes her!

Patty Herrington, Petal Office Manager/Property Manager.  Inquisitive, positive, eager to learn and grow.   She is a lady seeking Christ in her daily life.  She is able to be direct when necessary and make tough decisions. Her daughter isn't half bad at playing softball either!

Ame' Karoly, Client Care Specialist.  Artistic, curious, world traveler.  Ame' is our "voice with a smile" to our clients when they call. She enjoys creative pursuits with her friends.  Ame' lived in China for several years before moving back to join our team!

Savanna Watkins, College Intern - Petal.  Soft-spoken, smart, and very capable. She's a Watkins, so capability comes with the territory (I'm only a little biased). Technologically savvy and a very quick learner.  Savanna is considering real estate as a long term career!

Lauren Lott, College Intern - Oak Grove. Also soft-spoken, smart, capable, and versatile.  Super-quick learner and able to adapt and work efficiently.  Lauren has plans to become a teacher.

Gatlin Hubbard, Courier (a.k.a. "Sign Guy).  Eager to please, bright personality, who's also creative (he's a gifted videographer).  He knows how to rock a pair of ear buds while attending to the signage demands of our team.  An Evil Knievel of sorts...competitive motorcross and wake boarding!

Hulene Jones, Office Administration (Evenings and Weekends). Loyal, trustworthy, reliable, consistent, efficient, "one-in-a-million."  She is a direct communicator.  Hulene has been with the team since before it was a team; we would be quickly lost without her talents.  I'm partial because she loves my girls (Abigail and Hannah) so well!

Kim Moore, Staging Assistant.  Responsive, efficient communicator, dedicated, and creative. Kim makes routine, thorough checks of our vacant properties and provides assistance to our Home Stager. Before moving to Hattiesburg, Kim helped operate a private airport in Florida!

Vickie Iverson, Home Stager. Ultra-multi tasker, brilliant organizer, artistic with a business mind-set. Able to manage multiple projects and do so with ease. Vickie is also a very talented painter; for DeLois' 75th birthday, she painted a personal portrait.  It hangs in DeLois' office!

Steve Floyd, Commercial Broker.  Positive, Godly man, full of integrity and a lot of fun to hang out with. On top of that he's full of experience and knowledge in his field. He lives by the golden rule. He is a die hard Southern Miss fan, too, and Husband of the Century to his wife, Toni.

Dennis Baum, REALTOR. Determined, resilient, unafraid, fashion conscious, politically minded, and willing to offer and receive feedback with the best. Dennis made his way to us from the "Big-D" (Dallas) and brought with him one of his best attributes (and he won't mind my saying this), his wife: Dixie!

Paula Claret, Closing Manager.  Cool-headed, teacher, well-spoken, trustworthy, and dedicated.  Paula is eager to do the right thing in all circumstances and feels a deep obligation to deliver on promises to our clients. When necessary, though, she can tap into her South Louisiana roots and cut right to the point!

Emily Shattles, Marketing Assistant/Photographer.  Creative, eager to please, stylish, and always smiling.  Always willing to lend a helping hand and chip in where needed.  Emily also leads a Bible study class at her church and is working on finishing her degree!

Amelia Watkins, Team Administrator.  Fast, accurate, selfless, ultra efficient, and multi-tasker extraordinaire.  Gets things right the first time nearly every time she attempts it. She's able to create a system to tackle any problem and keeps the checks flowing and categorized at The All-Star Team, REALTORS.  I'm a bit biased since we share a household, but she's the smartest person I've ever known!

DeLois Smith, Listing Partner.  Driven, focused, energetic, and determined.  She never tires of this business and is always excited at the opportunity to solve another problem or master another challenge. She's been instrumental in raising the bar of professionalism in real estate in our region.  On top of that she's a mom, granny, and wife as well.  She and Lavon just celebrated 40 years with a trip to Europe!

And so, this is a snapshot of who we are.  Collectively, we aim to be a dynamic and synergistic team of "All-Stars" that you're delighted to call upon when you need us and proud to recommend!

Go team!!!!