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The All-Star Team, Realtors Update from DeLois

by DeLois Smith

Dear All-Star Team Clients and Friends, 

      Thanks to so many of you who helped make our 16th Annual July 4th Celebration a “best ever” event! Your great patriotic spirit, participation, enthusiasm, and encouragement made us all feel enriched and uplifted. Special appreciation to our program presenters: our veterans’ voice of the Pine Belt, Ted Tibbett; Dr. Nathan Barber, MS State Guard Chaplin; Brittain Allgood, dance performer; Joey Fillingane, State Senator; Dr. Taylor & Kerrin Hightower and Sam Bruton, USM Music Department performers; Joe “Val” Overstreeet, Commander US Navy, Retired, keynote speaker; William “Bill” Thomas, Commander US Navy, Retired and wife Sally and 32 members of the Thomas extended family, Great American All Star 2016 Honoree. Adding to the fun and festivities were boat cruises around Canebrake Lake made possible by the sharing of his beautiful boat by Judge Prentiss Harrell. 

      The beautiful Canebrake setting offered a great opportunity to make memories and we were able to take snapshots that will be remembered. We are sending some of these snapshots to our guests sometime very soon. Also visit us on Facebook to enjoy the participation all over again! C.D. and Mary Johnson said it best, “Many thanks for another special July 4th celebration. It was so inspirational and I’m sure we all left with renewed feelings of patriotism.”

      Team Name Change . . .  We are changing our name! To our long time friends, this change may seem odd. The truth is we should have done it quite some time back because of the participation of so many within our team. We are officially The All-Star Team, REALTORS®. Adam Watkins now takes on a major roll in administration and Steve Floyd has top leadership in our new Commercial Division. This change is NOT in any way directed towards my retiring. I will probably await my promotion to my Heavenly Home first. All it means is that we are working toward more growth under the banner of The All-Star Team, REALTORS®. 

      Team Work . . . Special Team recognition has been announced recently by REAL Trends via The Wall Street Journal. The All-Star Team, REALTORS® transactions were ranked in the top 1% nationally of residential teams. Ranking #117 out of the Top 1000 for 2015. This translated into exceptional productivity for Hattiesburg, MS - with current average sales of $156,053, contrasted with high-end markets in cities in New York, California, Massachusetts, and Connecticut with average sales at more than $1 Million. 

      One of our team’s early repeat clients made us especially proud this week. Riki Hyde’s husband built their house, causing a great amount of sadness as she began to prepare to sell the property. She says that she is not sure she could have made the move if it were not for the capable assistance of our Staging Professional and Color Expert, Vickie Iverson, who so capably helped plan for the Estate Sale. Following the sale, Vickie helped Riki update the floors, complete the painting, and get the exterior of the home washed down. The pre-sale effort helped secure the contract and close the sale in 90 days – even with the “slowed-down” closing process our market is experiencing.  Riki’s statement to me was that we have a “full team of specialists who perform with amazing harmony.” Thank you Riki for the honor of serving you and your family!

      40th anniversary . . . Lavon and I will be celebrating with an Eastern European River Cruise down the Danube in mid-August. This will be a Dr. Milton Wheeler style trip led by Robert Byrd, who traveled dozens of Dr. Wheeler’s amazing trips. Thankfully, Robert has elected to extend Dr. Wheeler’s life experiences to us and we are grateful. Our last trip with Dr. Wheeler and Donna was also their very last - 2011 to Turkey. 

      Our team is blessed daily by you, our loyal clients. We remain grateful for your support and encouragement. 

Blessings to you and your family,
DeLois and Team

Why Home Buying is Like Dating

by Lauren Pace

My title at work is a “Buyer Specialist.”  Sounds fancy, right? Everyone I’ve met has told me that this job would be such a good fit for me, so I had set myself up with very high expectations.  I buckled in, ready to take off.  During my first couple of months as an agent, I have encountered many different types of buyers.  I wanted to share some of my encounters with my buyers.  If I could compare it to something that would make it relatable, it would easily be relationships. 

So let me compare home buying to dating.  It’s the first date... you show up kind of nervous, not sure how things will go or if you will “click,” but you’re sure to try your hardest to make a good impression. Once the “date” is over, you go your separate ways and hope that you hear back from them, sooner rather than later.  Now, there are several ways that this relationship can carry out.

Let’s start with the non-committal relationship.  I’m still new in this business and I get excited when someone asks to see a home because, naturally, my innocence believes that they are serious home buyers and want to purchase today.  I received a call one Saturday to see a home forty minutes away from my house. What did I do? I threw my clothes on and went, of course! However, in the non-committal relationship, they just used me to get inside the house and never contacted me again.  So, in comparison, this would be the dating relationship that was used for a free dinner and then never replied to my request for a second date.  Maybe because we didn’t click, which is totally okay, or maybe it was because someone was never interested in purchasing a home anyway.  Who knows?

Now we have “The One That Got Away.”   I met one buyer while I was purchasing kitchen chairs for my home.  It was kind of a “love at first sight,” comparison.  She was super sweet and we seemed to have similar personalities before she even knew I was a realtor.  After seeing my email address, she made that connection and told me she happened to be looking for a home.  It was my first day on the job and I was galloping with excitement as I left the store, and not because I got an awesome deal on kitchen chairs.  We had excellent communication, similar interests, and we spent a whole day looking at homes together.  None of them seemed to fit all of her needs and wants, but I assured her that I would keep a look out for her.  A home hit the market on a Saturday night and it was PERFECT for her. I called her to let her know and we went to see it that next morning, basically in our PJ’s.  Her and her husband loved the home and told me to write up the offer (a REALLY good one, at that).  As they were standing outside of the home, praying over their decision, I was inside leaping and shouting through the house because this would have been my first sale.  However, later that night, I received a text saying that they just weren’t ready and wanted to post pone a couple of months.  Just like a relationship in “the one that got away” situation, it broke my heart and shattered my optimism.  It took me a little while to get my pep back in my step, but I have become hopeful that we might reunite in the future.

With my first couple of months as an agent, I’ve had both extremes of relationships.  With every client that I meet, I learn something new and continue to grow in my career.  Just like in relationships, you learn, grow and those memories help you be a better person in the future.  Now I have the pleasure of serving several clients that are serious buyers and sellers and I look forward to meeting many more! I am still buckled in, ready to take off in this career, but I’ve realized that everything is in Gods timing and I can’t wait to see what “relationships” he has in store for me in the future. 

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