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Star Chat with DeLois - October 2014

by DeLois Smith

Welcome glorious days of Autumn! This past week ushered in abounding new energy with the refreshing new Autumn breezes, sunny skies, leaves of orange and golden colors in the freshened landscape, and exciting new athletic achievements with USM and local high schools. I claimed that Lavon and I had captured these delightful breezes from Vancouver Island as we had just returned from visiting daughter DeLisa before the first official day of Autumn.
If you have glanced our way from Highway 98, you will notice that this week’s energy boost has resulted in lots of tree trimming and some removal of trees from the front of 4 Willow Bend. Mr. Eddie Woodland, our dedicated lawn care taker, exclaimed, “The value just went up by $100,000!” I am impressed with the new look myself. Now, I have new convincing evidence for sellers that cleaning up an aged landscape really will bring them more $’s to their bottom line, which is always a big part of our mission.
New fall inventory is very encouraging too! In recent days, we have been meeting with some new and several former seller clients who are also energized by the new season. We are adding new opportunities for buyers in Kingsmill, Terrace Hills, Quail Hollow, Crowns Pointe, Bellegrass, Sandstone, Timber Ridge, The Village at Hattiesburg Country Club, Waterford, Canebrake, Woodstone, Longleaf Acres, and outlying in Petal.
Good news for first time home buyers and many others with household incomes of $80,000 or less and at least 640 credit scores. Mississippi Home Corporation Smart Solution Mortgage can provide funds to purchase a first home or move up to a larger home. This program provides down payment assistance at competitive interest rates (currently 3.75%). Call our buyer specialists if you have family or friends who may benefit from this new program. Don’t overlook the amazing low interest rate for ALL qualified buyers!
Encouraging new economic developments for our area include Green Bay Converting South, which is scheduled to create 300 new jobs. Brenda Blackwell and our team had the recent joy of welcoming the new plant manager, Gary Gretzinger, his wife Sara, and their three very bright and focused children from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Other really exciting economic accomplishments include the new colleges for Physical Therapy and Pharmacy recently announced by William Carey University. Downtown Hattiesburg also continues to make very impressive improvements which enhance the economic growth and quality of life for the entire area.
In early November, our team will be focusing on sharpening our skills through education and business planning. Both sales and support staff will convene with Realtors from around the United States and around the world at the annual convention of the National Association of Realtors in nearby New Orleans. This is an annual investment in equipping our team with the knowledge, insight and skills to bring the highest level of representation to our clients. It’s another point of difference that we hope instills confidence that you are hiring the best and most qualified Realtor team in our area.
Thanks again for your trust, loyalty and generous encouragement. You make it possible and rewarding for our team to have achieved 88% of our 2014 production goal of $65,000,000 at the end of September during a year that our local market is mostly flat.
Warmest wishes for a beautiful Autumn. May your family find joy and new energy each day!

DeLois & Team

Brotherly Love

by Linda Seifert

My oldest grandson, Dylan, is away at college and way too grown up to have me for a baby sitter anymore. I still have the pleasure of ‘sitting’ (although there isn’t too much of that) with my two energetic younger grandsons!
Most of us were taught to get along with our siblings as we were growing up. This meant sharing, compromising and even offering forced hugs once in a while to ‘seal the deal’ on settling bitter sibling squabbles. Living in close quarters with brothers and sisters can often create friction in a household, especially when there is a considerable age difference between siblings. When the now three year old Gage was born, his big brother Gunnar, then 6, loved to kiss his younger brother and hold his tiny hands. As Gage has grown, he is still protected and loved by his big brother ‘Bubba’. However, Gunnar’s fascination of playing with his younger sibling has waned somewhat since their interests are on different developmental levels. The one thing ‘Bubba’ does so enjoy is aggravating his little brother to the max!
Gage has a fascination with Thomas the Train and all of Thomas’ friends. Thusly there is an elaborate train track set up in the family room devoted to Gage’s current passion. Gunnar thrills in the action of destroying parts of the train track creating unholy shrills from Gage! Consequently I step in and rebuild the track and redirect big brother. Redirecting often means Gunnar goes to his room and plays a game on his own with the door closed….and locked! The locked door soon creates body slams and fist banging by Gage wanting to invade his brother’s domain. This time it is Gunnar on the defense declaring that there is no refuge from the tiny terror! You know the feeling that permeates your being when someone runs their fingernails across a chalkboard……yep that’s right, I’m there!! At this point, I declare a truce and we break for ‘snack time’. Usually, we sit on the kitchen floor and have a beverage, chips or fruit and visit quietly …even if ever so briefly. In that moment I see two young brothers communing peacefully with each other and united in brotherly love.
Gunnar is a very bright young man at age 9, makes good grades and is now considering ‘career’ choices as he looks into his future. His Aunt Dana recently asked what he would like to be when he grows up. His response was fairly swift in answering a ‘Realtor’ which is a noble profession that his Dad and his Nana share, or a ‘Doctor’, he added……….. (This is his maternal Granddad’s profession). I didn’t flinch and just suggested he could be a Doctor who owns a lot of real estate! That was just fine with him! So, you see, you never know what influence you may have on the little people around you as they are soaking in life on their journey to adulthood. I am constantly challenged to be the best possible Nana and hopefully I will leave a positive mark on ‘My Three Grandsons.’

Live and Love well!

Linda Seifert

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