Over a year ago I found myself at my local gym, which is not out of the ordinary these days.  For the past 5 years or so, I have consciously made an effort to make better choices to improve my health through diet and exercise.  It has been a worthwhile journey, and one I genuinely enjoy, from which I gain a lot of satisfaction and intend to continue for the rest of my life.  For some reason - probably a bad hair day - I slipped a cap on my head on my way out the door and headed out on my mission.  It was one of my favorite hats.  I call it my "REALTOR Cap" - a navy blue cotton cap with the trademark symbol of the National Association of REALTORS proudly embroidered across the front.  It was this choice of attire that led to a conversation that I have been using to illustrate a concept to our team, my fellow REALTORS, and those we serve.  Somewhere during my workout a young man caught a glimpse of the hat while we were both in-between sets, and the conversation went something like this:

    "Hey, so, you're a REALTOR; you show people houses?" the young man asked. My response was almost instinctive and immediate, and was one that I knew he would not be prepared for. I said, "No, actually, that's not what I do."  The young man looked at me perplexed, and said, "But I thought REALTORS showed people houses."  At this point, I could tell I had thoroughly confused this fella, and sought to elaborate.  I said, "Yes, I am a REALTOR, and sometimes I do let people into houses and talk to people about the properties they might wish to purchase or sell, but that's not what I really 'do.'"  Finally, a bit exasperated, the young man asked, "Well, then what is it that you do?" My response was simple, "I solve people's problems."  

    I spent the next few moments explaining to this gym buddy of mine that the true value of what I did as a professional was not the literal opening of a door on a property so someone could see inside.  Truth is, the technologies we currently use to showcase homes and properties online make accessing the "inside" of a home something that can be done virtually in many cases.  The value in what the team and I do everyday is in our role as problem solvers.  As I explained to this young man, every circumstance that REALTORS encounter on behalf of our clients and customers involves a problem, or a series of questions, that we must use our experience and knowledge to solve or answer.

    Questions like:  What's the highest and best use for a property, and how do we find its next owner? Do we need to replace the carpet and repaint, or sell the home in as-is condition?  What is the best strategy for transitioning our aging mother out of her current property and liquidating that property to help provide for her care?  Where should we purchase a home that we can easily sell in 3 years after we've completed medical residency? How do we build an investment portfolio in real estate, and when is the best time to sell some of that portfolio?  How do we adequately qualify tenants for our investment property in order to reduce the chance of vacancies?  Or, how do I go about purchasing my first home, and do I qualify to purchase without having a down payment?

    Each of these questions represents an opportunity for the team and I to provide a solution to these problems.  This is what we do everyday.  And, because the circumstances of each client or customer who comes to us is different, it means each problem that we seek to provide solutions for is just as unique.  It's one of the beautiful things about REALTORS and The All-Star Team, REALTORS, in particular.  In spite of the plethora of information available at the touch of a fingertip, there is still no technological substitute that can take into account your unique circumstances and create solutions designed to meet your needs in a more complete way than a seasoned professional who has invested time and energy into developing skills and expertise in the field of real estate.  A professional who lives and breathes the same air as you do within the same communities is irreplaceable.  

    My hope is that when you think of The All-Star Team, REALTORS, your first thought is of a team who is capable to provide solutions to thousands of real estate problems you or your friends might encounter....again, and again.  It just so happens that Spring is an excellent season for problem solving!  Consequently, our minds are sharpened; we are ready for the task; and we are humbled by your trust.


Adam and Team