Dear Friends & Loyal Supporters,

I am writing to you with a renewed and refreshed sense of gratitude for your prayer and support recently experienced when I had a memorable health event on May 1st just two days before my birthday.

After attending my Tuesday morning Hub City Business Network meeting, an organization of 21 local businesses designed as a support and referral source of its business members, I decided I should have my chest discomfort checked at Immediate Care. My attending physician, Dr. William Yoe ordered an EKG, X-ray and blood test. The first two were in good order, but the blood test showed possible damage to a heart valve. Dr. Yoe stated that I should immediately to Forrest General ER. What got my attention to the fullest extent was that he stated, “You cannot drive yourself!”

After waiting for our sign truck driver to appear, I found myself in a very unfamiliar territory at Forrest General ER.  So my only overnight hospital stays ever (myself as a patient) were in 1965 and 67’ when Mark and DeLisa were born. I am blessed that I have not needed serious medical assistance since!

I am a new advocate for Forrest General Cardiology because they were amazingly patient, kind, efficient, timely, and professional. It took some persuasion from the staff that I should call some family members and inform them that my status had changed. I had either had or was having a heart attack and that a catheter procedure would be next. I was fortunate to be assigned to Dr. Christopher Douglas, a 35-year-old cardiologist who simply slit my wrist and went to work by 5 PM. I was amazed that he allowed me to go home by 11 AM the next morning. I have been back doing what I LOVE – serving my special client family the next day!

Thirty-one years ago, my mother had died at exactly my age after heart surgery in Jonesboro, Arkansas. That fact plus the pressure and discomfort in my chest were the two prompting factors that moved me to the action seeking medical assistance. I share all the details in the hope that my story could be helpful to one of you or your family members.